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Casey R. Bartman

In order of appearence as one might say

I know that javascript is all the rage. After more than 20 years of PHP programing (starting with PHP3), I'm back. It's like wearing an old pair of shoes. I know security much better with the LAMP stack. I've done some work with noSQL databases, but again security is an issue. The fluid nature of the noSQL database is nullified by webpage form submission. Keep watching this page develop. If you like what you see, contact me for a quote on web page design.

Also watch for my section on the Internet of Things. I have done applications to model railroading that address Layout Command Control. My system is not the current NMRA standard utilizing a CAM bus (I just didn't want more wires under my layout). I have developed a system utilizing XBee S2C modules and a mesh network. The indoor range is great and I have had no noise problems. I can have a dispatcher working on one floor and the layout on another.

I will be also posting information on a vertical lift fiddle yard that utilizes a linear actuator. The unit is assembled and I am working the control mechanism. On my layout, it will form the car deck of the Ann Arbor #7 car ferry. Up to 30 cars can be raised and lowerd from Frankfort Michigan to the Toledo Yard.